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Junk Removal in Nashville & Murfreesboro

Our junk pickup company can help you remove and haul away all unneeded items and debris without fuss or mess. Don’t go through the trouble of doing it yourself. You don’t want to hurt yourself or go through the inconvenience of finding a truck, loading it and unloading it. We’ll come to you, load it up in our truck and haul away your junk in just minutes. It really is just that easy.

About Our Junk Removal Company

Junk Men has been in operation for many years in the Murfreesboro and Nashville areas. We’ve established a commendable reputation among residents and businesses for our fast, efficient waste removal services.

Construction workers often call us to come to their site to haul away debris during a project to minimize falls or after completion for cleanup. Homeowners who are clearing out there garage or attic will call us to pick up large unneeded items or a pile of junk they no longer want. People who are moving also call us to haul away furniture, mattresses, and appliances because they don’t want to take them to their new home. Business owners schedule our Junk Men to remove furniture or office equipment from their building.

We remove trash and debris from many different locations for a variety of reasons. Whenever you don’t know what to do with a big pile of junk, call Junk Men. We’ll take care of it.

Our experienced team can handle any junk removal job – big or small. From helping people clear out an apartment with furniture pickup to hauling away construction debris, we’re equipped to do it.

Safety is our priority. Our junk haulers use safety gear to protect themselves while picking up junk and we supply all of the necessary equipment and vehicles to pick up the heaviest furniture and appliances.

Affordable Junk Removal

Not sure how much it will cost? Call us now to get an estimate. We promise our prices are some of the best in the Nashville, TN area for trash hauling.

Schedule an Appointment to Haul Away Junk

Whenever you have large items or a lot of debris that needs to be removed, call the professionals – Junk Men. All you have to do is set up an appointment for our junk haulers to come pick up your waste.